Living With A Neurological Condition In Ireland

The Neurological Alliance of Ireland is the national advocacy umbrella campaigning for investment in services for the 800,000 Irish people living with neurological conditions.

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Neurological Alliance of Ireland TEAM Campaign #TEAMBAW2022

In line with the overall theme of Brain Awareness Week 2022  Together We Are Stronger, NAI are rolling out our #TEAMBAW2022 campaign to highlight the importance of access to Multidisciplinary Teams for people living with neurological conditions. 

Teams flyer

Where is my Community Neurorehabilitation Team?

Most areas of the country do not have access to a fully staffed Community Neurorehabilitation Team. This is despite a commitment to put nine teams in place (one for each of the nine community health organisation areas highlighted in the map below) by 2021. 

As part of our #TEAMBAW2022 campaign for National Brain Awareness Week, we will be calling for Community Neurorehabilitation Teams to be funded in each CHO as promised in the three year Implementation Framework for the National Neurorehabilitation Strategy 2019-2021. The framework is available HERE 

BAW Map 2022


Watch a Community Neurorehabilitation Team in Action HERE

Testimonies from People Living with Neurological Conditions 

As part of our #TEAMBAW2022 campaign, people with neurological conditions highlight the importance of having access to a multidisciplinary team. 

Rosie Mangan


#TEAMBAW2022 campaign: Why Are Teams So Important in Neurological Care?


BAW Facts

#TEAMBAW2022  Information Video: "Why are teams so important? Teams provide the best care for people with neurological conditions & their families"


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