Dublin: BrainworX and Epilepsy Ireland Epilepsy Awareness Event

Tue 12-03-2019
DBS Castle House

The aim of this event, hosted by Dublin Business School, is to increase
awareness around seizures and to explore treatments of epilepsy by giving an overview of seizure first aid, as well as
neuroscience and treatments of epilepsy. 

Speakers will explore symptom recognition, types of seizure, and advances in
Speakers include
Carina Fitzgerald - Community Resource Officer for South Dublin and Co.
Wicklow, Epilepsy Ireland. Carina will talk about seizures: What to do if
someone you know has a seizure.
Professor Mark O. Cunningham - Ellen Mayston Bates Professor of
Neurophysiology of Epilepsy, Trinity College Dublin. Professor Cunningham
will talk about neuroscience and epilepsy treatments: The role of fundamental
neuroscience in improving epilepsy treatments.

12th of March, 6.30pm-8pm

DBS Castle House, 73/83 South Great George's Street, Co. Dublin

For more info see:
Facebook: BrainworxNeuroscience
Twitter: Brainworx4epilepsy