Recognizing and Coping with Stigma: A silent enemy

Thu 16-03-2023

Recognizing and Coping with Stigma: A silent enemy with Dr Vasilis Vasiliou and Research team from the School of Applied Psychology, University College Cork. Living with chronic pain we regularly experience stigma, but what do we mean by that? 

Laoise has been struggling to understand what makes her feel tense whenever had to talk to her bosses. She had to always explain to them the reasons for abstaining from work, due to the chronic pain. Yet, she was always getting back a sense of "not feeling believed" or doubting herself. This is a typical example of stigma.

Individuals with chronic physical illnesses in Ireland frequently report these types of stigmatized behaviours, coming from others. Often, individuals who experience stigma do not recognize what does and does not entail stigma, but afterward, they experience its impact - a sense of doubt, low mood, lack of motivation, reluctance to ask for something, guilt, and avoidance.

In this brief online workshop researchers from the School of Applied Psychology at the University College Cork will provide examples of stigma. They will also discuss some ways for people to identify and respond to stigma so that it does not impact them. Finally, they will present a new service that has been developed in partnership with Chronic Pain Ireland (CPI) for its members, focusing on stigma prevention and alleviation.


Date: 16th March 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. online

Link to join: Flyer