Journey Through the Senses: Live Piano and Ballet

Sun 20-03-2022
Whale Theatre

In this Piano, Choreography & Lights Concert we explore the nature of Synaesthesia, blending senses condition, when music & sound is perceived in gestures/ movement and colour- lights. Ramachandran & Hubbard consider Synaesthesia a “window into perception, thought and language”, it helps us to understand how senses interact and influence our perception and emotions. In the program Satie 6 Gnossiennes, Scriabin Sonata N4 F-sharp major, Op.30 Choreography via Synaesthesia: by Zoe Marinello-Kohn, and Two Poems Op. 71 Lights Solo via Scriabin’s Synaesthesia, software: Sterling Baldwin, Music Analysis: Svetlana Rudenko 

Zoe Marinello-Kohn is a professional ballet dancer from San Diego, US, choreographer, actor, artist and dance instructor.  She is a poly synesthete, experiencing multiple types of synesthesia and her unique perceptions often influence her work. Zoe's art is inspired by self exploration and a drive to understand the reaches of consciousness.  "As If Dancing Through Watercolors"

Dr Svetlana Rudenko is the organiser of this event, a concert pianist, educator and researcher on Music Art Synaesthesia, Creativity, Cognitive Musicology and Multisensory design for AR & VR, Technological University Dublin. 

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