Intersectoral Global Action Plan

In May 2022 the World Health Organisation (WHO) committed to prioritising brain health over the next 10 years by adopting the Intersectoral Global Action Plan (IGAP) on Neurological Disorders and Epilepsy. A summary of the five objectives of the plan, and their accompanying targets can be seen on the poster below.


What is the World Health Organisation calling for?

  • WHO is calling on the Irish government to take action on brain health

  • WHO is highlighting the challenge of brain health disorders for countries nationwide

  • WHO is asking Irish Policy Makers to make brain health a priority.

  • WHO is calling for a world wide focus on brain health


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What Does the Global Action Plan Mean for Ireland?

Our video series brings together clinicians, patient representatives and advocacy spokespersons as they discuss the objectives of the Global Action Plan and what it means for Ireland.

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